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Got Outlook? Download the 2013-2014 Grizzlies schedule

Grizzlies fans, if you use Microsoft Outlook, you can import the entire 2013-2014 Grizzlies schedule into your calendar in moments.

Follow the instructions below, and you'll have every Grizzlies game and time at your fingertips.

Download this schedule

In Microsoft Outlook:
•    Select File--> Import and Export...
•    Select Import from another program or file and click Next
•    Select Microsoft Excel 97-03 and click Next.
•    Find the 2013_2014_Utah_Grizzlies Schedule file you just downloaded, select Do not import duplicate items and click Next.
•    Select the Calendar folder and click Next.
•    The next window will have a title that says "The following actions will be performed:" above an option to "Import '2012_2013_Utah_Grizzlies Schedule' into folder" Calendar."
•    Check that box and click on "Import '2013_2014_Utah_Grizzlies Schedule' into folder: Calendar."
•    From there, click and drag needed fields from the left window into the right window.  It is fairly self-explanatory, but the basic corresponding fields are below (some users may not have to map these custom fields):

SUBJECT to Subject
STARTDATE to Start Date
STARTTIME to Start Time
ENDTIME to End Time
LOCATION to Location
•    Click OK.
•    Click Finish.

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