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Grizzbee, presented by TUM-E YUMMIES, has been a fixture on the Utah sports scene since the team opened up shop in Salt Lake City in 1995. He appears at every home game at the E-Center, keeping fans entertained and on their toes. On off-days, Grizzbee makes over 150 appearances in the community a year. Click here to request Grizzbee at your next event.

In 2003, Grizzbee was named the state's best mascot by Salt Lake City Weekly. Below is their writeup on Grizzbee.



If dressing up in an oversized animal costume and alternately entertaining jaded hockey fans and their kids is an art (hint: it is), then Grizzbee—mascot of the Utah Grizzlies—is equal parts Baryshnikov and Chaplin. You might think that’s an overstatement, but then you obviously haven’t seen Grizzbee slam into the boards while wearing his special inflated suit, smashing his lovable bear face into the glass. It’s high comedy. No mascot in Utah works harder, either. Thanks to the intermissions between periods, Grizzbee works the equivalent of two halftimes, and he doesn’t have sexy cheerleaders to help entertain the slackjaws. While Grizzbee does resort to typical sports mascot tricks—like firing t-shirts into the crowd from a sling shot fastened to an ATV—he’s got the Jazz Bear and the Ute’s Swoop beat furry-hands down. And don’t even try to bring up Cosmo.

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